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"Hawk" was able to thoroughly enjoy his fame in numerous Jazz At The Philharmonic concerts given all over the world, where, of course, he had to assert himself against many other saxophone players. Two such JATP ensembles are to be found on the Confrères LP. The relaxed atmosphere is particularly noticeable in the title "Sunday" in which Roy Eldridge comes into the limelight with a brilliant solo. And just listen to George Buvivier's marvelous bass playing (in "Nabab!") where he certainly has no reason to hide in the shadow thrown by Ray Brown. Coleman Hawkins' voluminous, supple sound which had a great influence on the styles of musicians ranging from Dexter Gordon and Sonny Rollins up to Joe Lovano, is best heard after Roy's solo in "Honey Flower." 2 x 45 RPM on 200 gram vinyl from Analogue Productions. A Quality Record Pressing.

Coleman Hawkins "Coleman Hawkins and Confreres" Online Price : $62.10

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