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"Live At Shea Stadium has its flaws: Devotees will rightly quibble with the set list, which is light on rarities and cuts from the Clash's brilliant debut. But the album captures a rousing, crystalline-sounding Clash show, featuring some classics like 'Tommy Gun' and 'Spanish Bombs.' A handful of great cuts illustrate what made the Clash so exciting: On 'Career Opportunities,' Strummer wittily rails against corporate hegemony, and when the Clash segue from the protopunk-funk 'Magnificent Seven' to the reggae jam 'Armagideon Time,' they prove they've got big ears and bigger ambitions. The playing is tight, if not as ferocious as when Headon manned the drum kit." – Rolling Stone


Clash "Live At Shea Stadium" 2 LPs Online Price : $31.50

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