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Every so often, a from-the-vault release captures our hearts, minds and attention in such a way that it's impossible not to tell all family, friends and neighbors about its existence. Originally issued to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Tapestry, Carole King's The Carnegie Hall Concert: June 18, 1971 is such a record, a fortunate document of an absolutely magical period in the singer-songwriter's legendary career and a revealing look at the then-stagefright artist turning in a commanding performance just as she was becoming a superstar. Half-speed mastered from the original tapes, Mobile Fidelity's numbered limited-edition 180-gram LP of this compelling concert album brims with liveliness, depth, dimension, detail and transparency. The nuances of King's spare performances and warm vocals emanate as if she's sitting five feet away. Stripped down even further than they are on the studio albums, songs breathe with palpable earnestness and emotion, the subtle differences from their more polished studio brethren allowing listeners an insight into King's creative genius.

Carole King "The Carnegie Hall Concert" ..... Online Price $58.50