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Along with David Oistrakh, Leonid Kogan was among the greatest of all Russian (and indeed any) violinists of all time. While the former harked back to the old romantic school, Kogan represented a more modern, more pure, more classical style. The "Brahms Concerto" was one of Kogan's favorites, and although his performance was strongly communicative he played the work with the utmost fidelity and in a fashion which very much suggested that his way was the "right" way. We can hear these qualities very clearly in his recorded performance, made during 1959. Every tempo, every turn of phrase seems just as it should be, and the interpretation as a whole is profoundly satisfying. The performance is captured in a finely balanced, strikingly faithful quality of sound, and in their 180-gram LP reissue Testament have recaptured the characteristics of the original LP recording with impressive fidelity.

Original Master Re-issues on 180 gram vinyl.

Brahms "Violin Concerto" : Leonid Kogan / Kondrashin $44.10

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