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Sourced from the original master tapes and cut at Abbey Road Studios

Pressed on 180-gram vinyl.

Optimum audiophile-quality sound from a first-rate team of producers and engineers


The Beatles were working, it seemed, at least nine days a week in late 1964. As a biography reflects, they'd been touring constantly, had just released A Hard Day's Night in June and were rushed back into a recording studio the week after they returned from America to record a new album and single in time for Christmas. "They were rather war-weary," producer George Martin said. With little time to write original songs, almost half of the Beatles for Sale LP consisted of covers the group had been playing onstage for years. The same day the Beatles finished "Eight Days a Week," they knocked out seven complete tracks. Beatles For Sale was released in the U.K. in December 1964. Beatles '65, its U.S. counterpart, did not include "Eight Days a Week." The song was released as a single in the U.S. two months later, and it went to No. 1.

Quality says : "A very underated album, and was seen as a step backwards after "A Hard Day's Night" on which all tracks were Beatle penned. However the original songs on this were more varied, and the vocals from all and sundry, particularly the harmonies, superb. Also the recording, with it's genuine stereo spread was the best to date.

The Beatles For Sale (Remastered)..... Online Price $31.50