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Formerly concertmaster of Sergiu Celibidache’s Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, today Florin Paul occupies the same position with Hamburg’s North German Radio Symphony Orchestra. Some years ago he travelled to a small and rather unattractive church in the south of France, which was blessed with heavenly acoustics. With a precious, loaned Stradivari, he performed a silky and delicate yet crystal-clear Bach which Andreas Spreer captured using dust-free Neumann tube microphones. Thanks to the church’s slight resonance, an aura of consummate polyphony with lingering harmonies is created when the music ebbs away. With Bach’s Partitas sounding like this, it is irrelevant who the soloist was in days gone by. How fortunate we are to be able to enjoy such glorious sounds today! Recording: 1989 in Falicon, Nice, France by Andreas Spreer Production: Andreas Spreer

- Original Master Re-issues on 180 gram vinyl -

J. S. Bach "Partitas" Florin Paul " ..... Online Price $44.10
........ Quality : Australian Distributor for Speakers Corner Records